Seminar Venue, Structure and Essential Features

The Seminar will be held in Ascea Marina (the ancient Elea), on May 6-10th 2019 at the Fondazione Alario, which is right close to Ascea FS railway station.

The Seminar will be based on a unique model of dynamic and interactive teaching of both the theoretical and the practical aspects of Mediterranean diet with Faculty lectures held by prestigious Italian and foreign experts, short talks given by the Seminar participants on specific issues possibly dealing with the tradition and the culinary habits of their own countries, guided visits to factories and farms recognized for their excellence in the production of typical Mediterranean foods, preparation by participants subgroups of research or intervention protocols to be implemented in their own countries.

Ample space will be left for social exchange among participants and Faculty members who will join at meals and will be given the opportunity to enjoy the natural and historical beauties of the region.

The participants, included Faculty members, shall be housed in residential structures close to the Seminar venue and will share their eating times and social entertainment..