Pasquale Strazzullo

Pasquale Strazzullo

Federico II University of Naples

Dr. Pasquale Strazzullo, MD, FAHA, is Full Professor of Internal Medicine at Federico II University of Naples Medical School (Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery), ESH Hypertension Specialist, Director of the Division of Emergency Medicine and Hypertension and of the Excellence Centre of Hypertension at Federico II University Hospitals and Clinics. He was research fellow at the University of Chicago in 1974-75 and visiting professor at Harvard Medical School in 1988.

Prof. Strazzullo is currently President of the Italian Society of Human Nutrition (SINU) and immediate past-Editor-in-chief of Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease (NMCD), official organ of the same society.
He has been member of the scientific council of the Italian Society of Hypertension and has been in charge of:
the Olivetti Prospective Heart Study
the MINISAL Study for the assessment of sodium consumption in the Italian population and the Lower Salt Community Trial (both programs supported by the Italian Ministry of Health)
the Italian Society of Nutrition Working Groups for the preparation of the Italian Guidelines for prevention and treatment of stroke (ISO-SPREAD), the National Institute of Health Guidelines on Chronic Kidney Disease and the Guidelines for Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Kidney Stone Disease.
He has also chaired the Working group on macro-minerals for preparation of the 2014 revision of the Dietary Reference Intakes for the Italian population (LARN)

Presently, he is coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Working Group for Reduction of Salt Intake in Italy (GIRCSI), the Italian Society of Hypertension Working Group on Vitamin D and Cardiorenal Disorders and the Interdisciplinary Working Group on Nutritional Prevention and Therapy of Kidney Stone Disease.
He is the Italian Delegate in the WHO European Salt Action Network.

His broad areas of interest are the role of nutrition in cardiovascular prevention, the pathophysiology and clinical aspects of the disorders of mineral metabolism, the metabolic and genetic bases of cardiovascular diseases.
He has authored over 300 publications most of which in peer-review international journals.

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